IB tutorial in maharashtra

About US

AB Tutorials is an organisation , run by a group of teachers working in different internationl schools and masters in their own discipline.

AB Tutorials, founded by professor Avinash Bharati , is an organisation which provides home tuition through out mumbai to all the boards and all subjects.

We endeavour to create an environment that will generate a love for learning and a habit of critical thought and accurate expression in the pupils.

We will train the pupils to become salutary and effective agents of the much needed social change in our country.

Our Teachers

It is really tough to come across good and knowledgeable IGCSE Tutors in Mumbai on whom your child can take resort. In our organisation, though the teachers are working in different international schools or have worked previously, still we have a recruitment process of interviews, a demonstration lecture and stringent background checks.

We provide IB Tutors for all subjects through out Mumbai. Our Teachers are highly qualified with IGCSE/ACT/A LEVEL /IB/IBDP AND EDEXCEL Certification and are very experienced in their own respective Subjects. Our Teachers would help your child with Homework, Projects, commentary or any activity.

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